INFOGRAPHIC #2: Spider-Man

With the release of Captain America: Civil War a few days away and the anticipated debut of Spiderman in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, I have created this rather funny and brilliant tie-in infographic showing The Daily Bugle’s reaction to the second trailer which was released on 10/05/16



The Flash Season 3

Hooray! The CW have renewed The Flash for a third season.

The Flash television series is a spin-off of Arrow; another superhero television series which follows the adventures of Green Arrow played by Stephen Amell. The Flash is set in the same time as Arrow and shares the same universe, which has become known as the Arrowverse. Although being a spin-off, The Flash surpasses Arrow in many things such as; its cast, adaptation of popular Flash comic book storylines and arcs, special effects and tone to name a few. Whereas Arrow suffers because of its; slow pacing, overdramatic tone, lack of influence by the source materials and obvious plagiarism of Batman and his entire mythology; but that’s another argument for another day. Continue reading “The Flash Season 3”