Reflective Analysis: Unit X

I have really enjoyed doing this last unit, for my first year of doing the course Film and Media studies. I really loved it because blogging has taught me something new; it has taught me how to speak passionately about the things I love, it has taught me how to interact with different forms of media also. In the future, I plan to continue posting and keeping my blog alive, hopefully recruiting other who share the same interests as me and getting employment where I can talk about and interact with the things I love.

To be honest and truthful I really hated the infographic part of this unit. I commute everyday to university and because of that it is sometimes hard for me to attend. However I tried to get in contact with the people in my group to no avail, as most did not attend seminars and lectures at all and the other was the same, being busy with their daily jobs. Not wanting to assign blame, I would say that I plan to change this in future group work, by being in a group of people who can meet at appropriate times and work strongly together to complete tasks.

Thank you for your time, to my university lectures reading this I apologies for this short reflective analysis and for any disappointments you may have or feel about my blog. To my regular readers please stick around more posts to come.


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