Top 5 Comic Book Concepts (DC Edition)

Number One: The Speed Force

Starting off the list is The Speed Force. The Speed Force is a concept that applies to all speeders of the DC universe. The Speed Force is an extra-dimentional plane of existence that gives off energy and powers up the speeders that utilise it. As a fan of The Flash, I’ve loved the fact that this concept made its live action debut on 2014’s CW show; The Flash, however my favourite moment is when The Flash used it in 2005’s Justice League Unlimited cartoon, to defeat the fused villain made up of superman villains; Lex Luthor and Brainiac. You can watch a short clip from the episode ‘Divided we fall’, where it happened below.


Number Two: The Anti-Life Equation


My appreciation of this concept comes from the fact that its the one item the Apokoliptian lord and ruler; Darkseid wants most. Wanting to corrupt,control and enslave all beings in the universe, Darkseid often finds himself leaving his throne, embarking on a journey through space to find it, killing anyone who stand in his way. This concept is so popular that it has even spawned copycats with Marvel’s super-villain Thanos and the item, the infinity quantlet, which has the same properties and the abilities of The Anti-Life Equation. Once again my favourite moment is when Lex Luthor found it and presented it to Darkseid to defeat him, in the season final of Justice League Unlimited. A link of the episode can be found here;, with the specific scene happening at the 19:32 minute mark. villain

Number Three: Helmet of Nabu (Doctor Fate)

Doctor Fate Kent Nelson

Now we move onto the supernatural. The helmet of Nabu contains the spirt of Egyptian sorcerer Nabu. When archeologist Kent Nelson discovered the helmet in Egypt he would put the helmet on and together they would become Doctor Fate; The Lord of Order. I love this concept because over the years its been revealed that the helmet requires a host to become  The Lord of Order, and i always like the unique storyline that every host pays a heavy cost as having all the phenomenal powers and knowledge that the helm gives you coast your sanity.

Number Four: Green Lantern Power Ring


Now with this concept, its more complex as over the years its been revealed that the Green Lantern Corps are one of many corps that all belong to the emotion spectrum; with each corps and their colour  representing a certain emotion. I will go in depth about this in a later post which will revolve around the Green Lantern mythology. Over the years of being a comic book fan, I have come to really like this concept, with the idea being that the Green Lantern Corps represent will power and that they can use that power to create many different constructs with their rings. I also love the idea of each the Green Lantern  Corps being an intergalactic police force that have each members assigned to different sectors, scattered around the universe.

Number Five: The Multiverse


This concept is spectacular and has often been the center piece to epic scaled events in the DC Universe; most notably 1986’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. I love this concept because in DC, it was a passing of the torch as the golden age versions of DC; Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and Justice Society of America, paved the way for the silver age of comics in DC, and that resulted in the modern day superheroes we see now. I also love the fact that it was in Crisis on Infinite Earth, where the second flash; Barry Allen, sacrificed himself to save the multiverse, remaining dead for over twenty years he was a hero to everyone in the DC Universe especially to his team members and friends; The Justice League.

Once again thank you for reading this post, more posts to come about complex concepts both from DC and Marvel, all images and clips belong to and are property of DC Comics and Warner Bros Entertainment.


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