Top 5 Comic Book Concepts (Marvel Edition)

Number one: Negative Zone

Negative Zone

This concept is ever present in the mythology of The Fantastic Four. The concept is explained as being a universe similar to our own but with negative space. The concept was original created by writer and artist; Stan Lee and Jack Kirby but over the years I loved the different interpretations of the concept by different writers; one in particular is Marvel’s Civil War where Tony Stark, Hank Pym and Reed Richards used the negative zone to create Prison 42; which would house heroes who opposed the registration act

Number Two: Gamma Radiation


HULK SMASH! For those who are familiar with the Incredible Hulk, know that Bruce Banner gained his monstrous alter ego after being blasted by gamma radiation. I’m not really a science loving person, but I like how this concept is explained. the explanation being; that Bruce should have died from the moment he was exposed to the huge amounts of gamma radiation,but the creation of The Hulk saved his life; making Bruce Banner’s alter ego both a blessing and a curse to him.

Number Three: Cosmic Cube

Cosmic cube Winter Solider

As a fan, I honestly hated how this concept was re-imagined and used in MCU’s 2012 film; Avengers Assemble. Named the tesseract in the film, the concept is similar explaining to be a device which opens up space portals to earth. I prefer the comic version, because the concept is said to be able to alter reality by whoever possess the cube. Villains such as the Red Skull have utilised it in the comics and Captain America even used an artificial one to restore the memory of friend turned foe: Bucky Barnes/Winter Solider.

Number Four: Suspended Animation

This concept is famously used in Marvel, to explain the return of character who were thought to be dead. This concept has been famously used in Captain America’s mythology. When Steve Rogers;after decades came face-to-face with his archenemy Red Skull, where the latter explains that he survived by being in suspended animation under collapsed rubble.(watch above clip) I honestly think this concept should be used in future MCU films, as it will be an interesting new direction they could take with their characters and villains.

Number Five: Infinity Formula

infinity Formula

Ever since the MCU was created, I’ve noticed that they went with the ultimate universe version of The Avengers, with this they also went with the ultimate version of S.H.I.E.L.D director Nick Fury who; who Marvel based on and is played Samuel L Jackson. Me personal I’ve never liked the ultimate universe of Nick Fury because to me he hasn’t got the same complex and rich backstory as the mainstream version; who’s caucasian. One thing that I like about the mainstream version is the fact that he was given the infinity formula after a near death experience which not only saved his life but also gave him longevity and drastically slowed downed his ageing.

Thank you for reading this post, more posts to come about complex concepts both from DC and Marvel, all images and clips belong to and are property of Marvel Comics.



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