Top 5 Spider-Man Costumes

Having just recently watched Captain America: Civil War, I can honestly say that I loved it and to me it is one of the best films of the MCU. The part I loved the best was the debut of my favourite Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, played by new actor Tom Holland. I loved everything about his performance; his geekiness, his awkwardness, his back-and-fourth banter with actor Robert Downey Jr and  I especially love the newly designed  costume he wore. In this post I will be discussing my top five Spider-Man costumes I love that Peter Parker has worn over the years.

Number One: Original

Steve Dikto Spider-ManStarting off the list, is the original red and blue costume. My fondness for this costume is the fact that Peter Parker handmade this suit using his amateur sewing skills. When Peter decided to fight crime, he knew he had to keep his dual identity secret from his loved ones. I find it humorous that Peter has often had to clean the suit and repair it in secret in his own house so as to not alert his Aunt May. I especially love the action sequences of the suit getting ripped and painted by Peter’s own blood and sweat in battles against his rouge s gallery.

Number Two: Black suit costume


Spider-Man gone dark. One of my all time favourite depiction of Spider-Man is when he dons the black suit costume. An alien symbiote, Spider-Man bonded to it after it offered him a new costume in Marvel’s 1984 Secret Wars storyline, after his original was destroyed. What I love about this costume is that the alien symbiotie would slowly start to infect Peter’s mind and it would make him do violent actions against his enemies. I also loved how the symbiote would go on to bond to Eddie Brock, creating the villain Venom; Spider-Man’s most deadliest foe.

Number Three: Future Foundation

Future Foundation Spider-Man

When his good friend and often friendly rival Johnny Storm; better known as The Human Torch died, his final wish for Peter was for him to join the Fantastic Four. Peter honoured his late friend and would join Reed Richards newly formed Future Foundation, a team greater a brighter future for people’s humanity. I love this suit because Reed created it, equipping it with technologies Peter could utilise during battle. I also love this suit because  unlike the dark and violent black suit, the white colour scheme connotes Spider-Man truly honouring the memory of his friend, with the hope for a brighter and better tomorrow.

Number Four: 2099

Miguel O'Hara 2099

This suit has never been worn by Peter Parker, but his future successor; Miguel O’Hara. Keeping the original colour schemes of Peter Parker’s suit, my fondness for this costume is the fact that it features a skull-like emblem, connoting that the future Spider-Man as be ing quite dark and brutal in his heroics. I love the red spiked fins on his wrist that stick out and I especially like the webbed tattered cape he wears that allow him to glide through New York City’s futurist skyscrapers and landscapes.

Number Five: Iron Spider


With the release of Captain America: Civil War, it would be rude not to mention this costume. During the event of Marvel’s Civil War, Tony Stark; better known as Iron Man, creates an armor based costume for Peter Parker, after recruiting him on his side and team. I love the contrasting conflicts this costume represents during the events of Civil War. The same red and yellow colour scheme of the Ironman armor shows Peter as the protege of Tony Stark, sharing the same viewpoint on the government’s registration act. Whilst his original shows the representation of Captain America/Steve Rodgers’ ideologies of hope, freedom and rebellion of the registration act.

Thank you for your time, all images belong to and are property of Marvel Comics.


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