Reflective Analysis: Unit X

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For my final infographic I have decided to make an invitation flyer in the marvel comics universe of a Stark Industries expo; hosted by CEO and superhero Anthony ‘Tony’ Stark/ The Invincible Ironman. This final infographic is quite humours because it shows a program of whats happening at the fictitious expo and has some easter eggs and references to Marvel comics and the Ironman mythology.



Top 5 Spider-Man Costumes

Having just recently watched Captain America: Civil War, I can honestly say that I loved it and to me it is one of the best films of the MCU. The part I loved the best was the debut of my favourite Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, played by new actor Tom Holland. I loved everything about his performance; his geekiness, his awkwardness, his back-and-fourth banter with actor Robert Downey Jr and  I especially love the newly designed  costume he wore. In this post I will be discussing my top five Spider-Man costumes I love that Peter Parker has worn over the years.

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