Media Diary

Hello this is coming over a month to late, but today I’ve posted a media diary that I made which shows several different things I do in my daily day-to-day routine. I have created this media diary with Microsoft Excel, and I started the date with the time I started doing this unit, which was week one of the course.

This Media Diary has shown me that I like the comfort of my house and I like watching entertainment in a comfortable environment. Like most people today I  like receiving entertainment through portable devices such as a playstation 4, which has internet access.  Being a university student, I commute from my house to university where I can receive educational information, whilst commuting  I listen to music playlists on my iPhone; another portable device. to pass the time. I really love doing this because the music in the background combined with the visuals of passing towns and cities, relaxes me and puts my mind at ease.When writing blog post, I write from my comfort zone using my MacBook and I simultaneously watch YouTube channels such as; Watchmojo which helps me focus and gives me inspiration when I write. I also sometimes watch old superhero cartoons such as Spider-Man the animated series, I feel pure nostalgia when watching this because it remind me of my childhood where i would pass the time and have fun watching these type of cartoons.When it comes to entertainment and media, I prefer viewing content related to fantasy, in particular superhero and comic books. This is made evident as, my first blog was about The Flash television show; which can found on my blog site with the following link;The Flash Season 3. The reason for my love of fantasy is because I enjoy reading and collecting comic books; this hobby and strong passion helps me relax and reading the content sometimes gives me ideas on potential things I can write and talk about to other people I may come across. I rarely leave my comfort zone but when i do is when a new superhero films comes out in cinema and I go there to watch it, as I like viewing it with a large audience and enhance quality and sound

The media diary also tells me something quite worrying about myself. It tells me that I’m pretty lazy adolescence. The reason behind this is because I spend most of my time at home in front of the television constantly using the internet, watching YouTube channels. With this unit, I hope to change this by regular attending seminars, engage with my fellow classmates and use different media resources to help me with my blogging. to help me with what `I wanted to talk about which is comic books, I intend to visit comic book shops, watch new superheroes films that are going to be released in cinema and potential ask other people’s view and opinions on the topic.





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