History of The Justice League

The day has finally come after years of development, DC comics has united both their biggest figures. The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel have come together onto the silver screen in an epic showdown and eventually partnership, commonly dubbed “World’s Finest”. Not far behind them is the long awaited debut of the immortal Amazon warrior; Wonder Woman. Together they unite to form the DC trinity. The appearance of DC’s most popular and universally acclaimed characters in 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, marks the first time all three character have appeared together in the same film. The film is also a first for DC as they will finally introduce the popular team; The Justice League  in their debut film, which is to be set after the events of this film. Cameos and references are said to be included showing some of the founding members of The Justice League.

The Justice League first appeared in the comic book series; The Brave and The Bold #28 (1960), their creation proved to be a huge success for DC comics, as the team’s lineup was made up of DC popular superhero who were published at the time. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, The Flash and Aquaman would band together to fight earthy, supernatural and extraterrestrial threats becoming America and Earth’s greatest team.

Throughout the years the team would expand their ranks enlisting other superhero across the DC universe, several spinoff teams such as; Justice League International would be created which gave b and c list superheroes a chance to shine. The original seven would always remain as they became known as DC first Justice League. Each original member of The Justice League stand out in their own way as they each represent the ideologies and motivations that they hold and show to the world.


all_star_supermanThe Man of Steel, The Man of Tomorrow, is the face of The Justice League. Often called a boy scout by people and his team members, Superman represents America’s ideologies and hope of a better world. Original an alien from the destroyed planet Krypton, Superman was found and raised by Martha and Jonathan Kent. Growing up Superman was raised to not just be an alien but to be a good man by both his earth father and biological father Jor-El. His motto; “Truth, Justice and the American way”, all have powerful meaning. With Truth, Superman always strives to be an honest man, who has good intentions of what he is doing. With Justice, Superman acts as a fair judge as he sees the good nature in people as redemption may be something people that have done wrong may want. Finally with the American way, Superman acts as a symbol of hope not just for America but the world, with this Superman enlist his no kill rule, as if kill, his hope and faith will be lost and gone forever to the people.



The Dark Knight, The World’s Greatest Detective, is the brain of The Justice League. Batman is Superman’s complete opposite. Having lost his parents; Thomas and Martha Wayne, to a mugger at a young age, Bruce Wayne would go on to don the bat mantle, becoming The Batman, fighting crime in his hometown of Gotham City, promising to himself that he would never allow a young child to suffer the same fate as himself. Batman represent the dark nature of America’s ideologies as he believe in the nature of fear to be a powerful tool in his crusade against crime, this ideology of his often conflicts with Superman who disapproves of his methods. Batman rouge gallery also represent the dark nature of America, as each villain represent the split personalities of both Batman and Bruce Wayne, the villains also represent what Batman/Bruce Wayne could have become if he had reacted differently to his parents’ murder and death.

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman Alex Ross

The immortal Amazon Warrior, is the only woman in The Justice League and she represent both love and peace. Wonder Woman is unique as she wasn’t born, she was made. Wonder Woman’s mother Queen Hippolyta original carved her out of clay on Wonder Woman’s homeland; Themyscira, with the goddess granting hippolyta’s wish of wanting a child bringing Wonder Woman to live. Against her mother’s wishes Princess Diana would take part in a tournament battle, winning the title and role of Wonder Woman. With this Diana was chosen to travel to world; which the Amazonians referred to “Man’s World”, as they had chosen long ago to separate themselves from, to avoid the corruption and influences of men. Travelling to the world Wonder Woman would aid Steve Trevor; an american solider, and the allied forces in their fight against the Axis Powers. Wonder Woman would go on to receive critical acclaim, as she became the worlds greatest warrior, she stands out as possible the greatest heroine, as through her fight she represented the peaceful ideologies of her homeland and she proved to be an inspiration to women and young girls across the world, through her strong strength, loving nature and independence.

Martian Manhunter:

Martian Manhunter

Mars’ sole survivor Martian Manhunter real name J’onn J’onzz, could be viewed as an older brother to The Justice League, through his wisdom and knowledge. Like Superman, Manhunter original from Mars, watched in horror as his family and entire race of Martians were all killed in a plague, which resulted in them bursting in to flames before his very eyes; with fire being a natural weakness to all Martians. Dr Erdel a scientist conducting experiments with teleportation and space would, would bring Manhunter to Earth, using his experimental teleportation beam. Explaining who he is and where he is from Manhunter would uses his shapeshifting power, to turn himself into a human. While watching this Dr. Erdel would die with his heart giving out from the shock and excitement. Now strained on Earth, Manhunter began noticing an increase of crime; something that has long been wiped out on his peaceful planet. Adopting the identity of John Jones, Manhunter would enlist himself on to the police force as a detective, using his powers to help fight crime in his new hometown, middletown USA. Over the years Manhunter would reveal himself to the world and would become a founding member of The Justice League. Manhunter represents the lost civilisation of Mars, and practices his home world’s ideologies of peace often opting to not participate in war or violence.

Green Lantern:


Hal Jordan is the first Green Lantern chosen from Earth. After witnessing the crash landing of a spaceship, test pilot Hal Jordan races to the crash site, where he meets Abin Sur. The dying alien explains how his power ring, has chosen him as successor as he is pure hearted. Taking the ring, Hal Jordan is transporting the the planet Oa. There he meets the Guardians of the Universe; a race of immortal blue-skinned, white-haired extraterrestrials. They enlist him into the green lantern corps, their interstellar law enforcement agency. Now a Lantern, he  is tasked with not only protecting his hometown; Coast City, but also the earth and the galaxy from extraterrestrial threats. Although a human, Hal Jordan is a interstellar police officer and often must act as a judge when different extraterrestrials are brought into Oa  and put on trial and a peacekeeper, when different races are at war with each other. He also must protect both human and extraterrestrials, avoiding prejudices and discrimination. Hal’s power ring allows him to construct any construct, with Hal’s inner will power. This is the same with every Green Lantern, as the Green Lantern Corps represent willpower of the emotional spectrum.



Lighthouse keeper Tom Curry, would fall in love with the Atlantean Queen Atlanna after the later saved his life during a storm. Leaving her kingdom Atlanna and Tom would later go on to have a son; Arthur Curry and for a short time raise him together as a family. Atlanna would soon leave both Tom and Arthur, as she knew that she had to return to Atlantis and her people; however she would leave Tom without explaining who she is and would ask him to look after their son. After the death of his father, a now grown up Arthur Curry would discover that had extraordinary abilities such as, breathing underwater and communication with sea life. Growing up with the notion that his mother abandoned him and his father, Arthur would also discover that he is the destined King and ruler of Atlantis. Journeying to his homeland, Arthur would take back control of Atlantis from enemy forces and finally accepted his destiny and become both the King and the man his mother knew he would one day be. As a member of The Justice League, Aquaman is a representative of Atlantis, as he often acts as an eco-activist as he engages in social and political conversation to stop the humans; who he dubs the surface dwellers, from dumping chemical waste and polluting the seven seas and his homeland.

The Flash:


The fastest man alive is the youngest member of The Justice League and is often viewed as the comic relief by his teammates. Before gaining his powers, a young Barry Allen witnessed the murder of his mother; Nora Allen, before his very eyes. Growing up Barry Allen became a forensic scientist. One night whilst working late, a lightning bolt would strike the chemicals in his lab, spilling all over Barry’s body. Waking up Barry would discover that he could run at extreme speeds. Barry would don a costume to fight crime in his hometown Central City and named himself after his favourite hero, Jay Garrick who was the original Flash from Earth 2, who Barry grew up reading in comics and would later meet after traveling to his earth. Although comedic, The Flash has proven to be serious throughout the years, as he once sacrificed himself to save the entire multiverse from the Anti-monitor, as seen in 1985’s DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Thank you for your time, join me next time where I discuss more about comic books. All images used belong to DC Comics.


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