The Flash Season 3

Hooray! The CW have renewed The Flash for a third season.

The Flash television series is a spin-off of Arrow; another superhero television series which follows the adventures of Green Arrow played by Stephen Amell. The Flash is set in the same time as Arrow and shares the same universe, which has become known as the Arrowverse. Although being a spin-off, The Flash surpasses Arrow in many things such as; its cast, adaptation of popular Flash comic book storylines and arcs, special effects and tone to name a few. Whereas Arrow suffers because of its; slow pacing, overdramatic tone, lack of influence by the source materials and obvious plagiarism of Batman and his entire mythology; but that’s another argument for another day.


Season one of The Flash; its freshmen year, to recap followed the adventures of;

A 24-year-old Barry Allen; after being struck by lightning, learns how to use his new found power of super speed to fight crime in his hometown of Central City against super-powered humans dubbed “Meta Humans”. Helping him in his adventures are; surrogate family Joe west (Jesse L. Martin) and Iris west (Candice Patton); longtime love interest. Also helping him in his heroics are scientists, Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco Ramon (Carlos Vales) who work at S.T.A.R Labs under the tutelage of the mysterious Professor Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) who becomes a mentor to Barry Allen in his transition into the hero that will someday be known by Central City as “The Flash”

The season would see the adaptation of 2011 crossover story arc Flashpoint, as later on in the series Barry Allen would find out that his mentor Harrison Wells is really his archenemy the Reverse Flash; Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher), better known as Professor Zoom in the comics, who murdered his mother, Nora Allen and framed his father; Henry Allen, when he travelled back in time in an attempt to kill Barry Allen’s younger self and who orchestrated the explosion of the particle accelerator; which severed as a plot device for the season, that gave powers to both Barry and the Meta Humans. The season finale [SPOILERS AHEAD], show Barry’s decision not save his mother from The Reverse Flash, which lead to a climatic battle between the two, with Barry wining when Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett), a ancestor of Eobard Thawne, shoots himself, therefore erasing The Reverse Flash from existence.

Eobard Thawne Speed Force

Season two of The Flash, is currently airing so to briefly recap;

Six months after the events of season one, Barry Allen has become know as “The Flash”, the hero of Central City who saved them from the black hole creating from the death of both Eobard and Eddie Thawne. After defeating  The Reverse Flash, Barry has finally found justice and closure for both his parents. His happiness is soon interrupted as him and his team find themselves approached by a man Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears), who is claims to be The Flash from a parallel universe, who has travelled to their earth to warn them of Zoom; another evil speedster who is on a mission to eradicate every single speedster from the multiverse. not far behind Jay Garrick is Harrison Wells; a scientist from the same parallel universe who has come to help Barry and his team stop Zoom. This season also marks the introduction of Wally West; know as Kid Flash who is revealed to be Joe’s long lost son and Iris’ biological brother.

Now being renewed for a third season, the following contains several different ideas that season three could focus on in the future.

Wally West becomes  Kid Flash:


It is currently unknown when Wally West will gain super speed and don the costume of Kid Flash. Season two could potentially see a freak accident; in line of Barry’s accident from season one, happen to Wally shrugging it off as nothing at first, season three could show Wally discovering that like Barry he also has super speed. With this the third season could then move on to Barry deciding to mentor Wally and show him how to use his powers, like it is shown in the comics.

Speed Force Battles:

Eobard vs Barry Speed force.png

Although frequently mentioned throughout the show, this is something that would be visually stunning to see. The Flash has physically entered the  energy dimension which powers all speedsters with their super speed, but there have been times where Barry has entered the dimension to confront his foes. One moment in particular is in Flash: Rebirth, where The Flash enters to fight The Reverse Flash. Being a television series the cost for the visuals would be expensive, they could save it and only show the battles in key episodes featuring The Reverse Flash.

The (Reverse) Flash of the 25th Century:


Now this could be an interesting storyline to explore in season three. We have seen Eobard Thawne travel to the 21st Century, to watch the birth of his archenemy The Flash, but why not show Barry travel to Eobard’s time and watch the birth of his alter ego. In the comics we know that Eobard original started off as a fan of The Flash, but became insane when he traveled back in time and found out he was destined to become Flash’s greatest enemy. It would be interesting to see this adapted in future episodes with the re-introduction of Eobard Thawne in the 25th Century once again played by Matt Letscher.

Crisis on Infinite Earth:

The Flash COIE.jpg

The Death of Barry Allen. its hard to believe that Barry Allen died saving the multiverse from a sentient being. Barry Allen’s death would be semi-permanent as he was removed from DC Comics for 23 years with Kid Flash taking on the mantle and becoming the third Flash in his place. Barry Allen would return in 2009, being reborn and taking back the mantle of The Flash. Season one had easter eggs and hints that Barry would disappear in a “crisis” sometime in the future. The finale of the third season could make this happen by showing him vanish after saving his friends and Central City from a large scale event that takes place, this can pave the way for Wally to take up the mantle of; The Flash and have season four,if renewed focus on his adventures as the new Flash protecting Central City and Barry could be seen stuck in the speed force and could make his return either in the finale of season four or the fifth season; again if renewed.

Thank you for your time, join me next time where I discuss more about comic books. All images courtesy of DC Comics and Warner Bros. Television Distribution.


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